Square Feet/Meters

Arch 3 1650sqft / 153sqm
Arch 4 2000 Sqft / 222 Sqm
VIP Gallery 250 Sqft (Arch 4)

Pre-installed Rig

Pre-Installed trussing
Holds 250kg per point
Available in both arches

Disabled Access

Disabled access throughout the building


Arch 3 = 200 people
Arch 4 = 200 people

Water & Drainage

Hot and Cold water access and drainage points.

Hanging System

J-Rail system in place throughout our venue allowing you to simply hang art, signs or props

Wedding Licence

Council approved wedding ceremony licence

Power Specs

Arches consist of
2 x 63 A 3 Phase
1 x 32 A 3 Phase
1 x 16 A 3 Phase

Private Road

Arches have rear access to private road, allowing for the use of outdoor space or private entry.

Underfloor Heating

Industrial stylised concrete floors equipped with underfloor heating throughout the building.

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